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Yu Kee Oyster Sauce was established in the 1960s by a man named Chan who came from Guangdong and settled in Hong Kong. He chose Lau Fau Shan to carry on his oyster farming business, as fresh and salt water meet in this area and oysters naturally thrive in estuaries.


Yu Kee oyster sauce has a distinctly umami flavor like no other. Each batch is the product of over 200 oysters cooked over fire for hours and extracted for maximum flavor. The gold-lidded bottles are Yu Kee’s premium products which is free from thickeners, coloring agents, MSG and other additives. 


It is REAL Oyster Sauce which contains only oyster, water and salt – in other words, the purest and most traditional type of oyster sauce. For the first time, Yu Kee Oyster Sauce is now available in Singapore.


Weight: 500g

Product of Hong Kong

REAL HK Oyster Sauce

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