Nanyang Drink helps you and your family or colleagues stay healthy. You will receive a cooler bag of assorted Nanyang drinks:

  • 2 Bottles Ginseng Chrysanthemum (人参菊花)
  • 2 Bottles Cough Relief (化痰止咳)
  • 2 Bottles White Fungus (白木耳)
  • 2 Bottles Roselle (洛神花)
  • 2 Bottles Honey Aloe Vera (蜂蜜芦荟)
  • 2 Bottles Wheatgrass (小麦草)
  • 2 Bottles Luo Han Guo (罗汉果)
  • 2 Bottles Barley (薏米)

Nanyang Drink is made from real herbs and has no preservatives. You can store chilled in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. This product is brewed by

Assorted Bag of Nanyang Drink

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