Sauce Cafe

Located at a prominent intersection of Hong Kong Street and South Bridge Road, Nanyang Chicken offers an unparalleled experience of signature dishes because the secret is in the sauce

Signature Dish

To ensure highest standards, we prepare only 38 servings of our Signature Dish daily. Our food is cooked using only Nanyang Sauces. For the recipe of what goes into the dish, enquire from our friendly staff

Nanyang Sauce

Nanyang Sauce is an artisan sauce brewer established in Singapore since 1959. Rated the Best Umami Sauce in Singapore, the secret of Nanyang Chicken is Nanyang Sauce.

Sauce Appreciation

Nanyang Sauce conducts Sauce Appreciation Workshops. Duration is an hour and minimum of 2 persons to begin. Find out more from our friendly staff.


70 South Bridge Road

Singapore 058700

Tel: 628 99 288

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